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Academy Mission

Founded in London, the mission of Prosper Leadership Academy is to improve the quality of leadership in the world.

The Prosper Leadership Academy is a global education and advisory organisation.

We offer you insightful and practical advice on how to succeed in your leadership career. Our insights will improve your leadership intelligence, which we define as improved leadership skills and improved personal fulfilment through the impact of your leadership efforts. We equip and empower you on how to make an impact, stand out, add real value and achieve your leadership potential and ambitions. It is possible to be successful, enjoy your work and leave a positive leadership legacy behind for the benefit of everybody.



First100 is an essential company and service within the Prosper Leadership Academy. First100 is a niche leadership consultancy, set up by our founder in 2004, to advise leaders on how to make maximum impact in their new leadership role. Coaches and consultants have accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience in this specialist area of leadership transitions. They have helped craft hundreds of leaders First 100 Days plans and provide advice on the challenges and opportunities during this critical time period.



🗨️  Niamh O’Keeffe’s new ‘Get Promoted’ book is reviewed in the November 2020 Business Book section of The FT

🗨️ Featured in The Supply & Deman Chain Executive. Are You a Manager or a Leader? 6 Signs You Need to Make a Change – October 14th 2020

🗨️ Niamh O’Keeffe is profiled in the Women Who Inspire section of June 2020

🗨️ Quoted in 2 Forbes online articles on leadership pandemic crisis, April 2020.

🗨️ Interview article for


🗨️ Authored article ‘Common Mistakes Leaders make in a crisis’ In Business magazine, April 2020 


🗨️ Authored a blog ‘7 Leadership mistakes in a crisis’ April 2020

🗨️ Interviewed in February 2020 for a featured article on my latest book ‘Future Shaper: how leaders can take charge in an uncertain world for Chartered Accountants magazine.

🗨️ Authored many articles in the UK on ‘Your First 100 Days’ 2011-2012, following the launch of “Your First 100 Days; how to make maximum impact in your new leadership role”