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Leadership Executive Coaching

First 100 Days – Your Second Act – Staying the Course – Legacy Projects


Our academy executive coaching and advisory services offer maximum leadership intelligence skills evolution via critical insights and advice targeted to the critical milestones in your leadership role life cycle.

A typical 3-year leadership role can be deconstructed into a life cycle as follows; your first 100 days, second act (by end of 12 months), staying the course (year 2), legacy project/readiness for next role (year 3).

Targeted advice for these key transitions and role stages offer you maximum impact and effectiveness – versus generalised coaching across your role tenure.

Wherever we meet you in your role journey, we also support you to reset your role ambitions in the context of your whole leadership career – for example, your ultimate leadership dream role and the kind of leadership legacy you want to leave behind.



We advise CEOs and leaders on how to fulfil their leadership ambitions.