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  • Future Shaper


    A highly recommended read that will deliver a worthwhile on-going leadership dividend.”


    Mark Spelman
    Head of Thought Leadership
    World Economic Forum  
  • Your First 100 Days


    Unlocks the secret of getting ahead, by getting you off to a great start.”


    Gene Reznik
    Group Chief Strategy Officer
  • Lead your Team in your First 100 Days


    An invaluable resource and well-written guide. Should be required reading for any newly appointed leader.”

    John Mullins
    London Business School
  • Your Next Role


    Insightful and inspiring advice on how to make an impact, manage the politics of your promotion, and help you advance in your career.”

    Jan Zijderveld
    President of Europe
  • Future Shaper


    The world now needs #future shapers more than ever before. These are the days that the future is created. We need leaders who take charge to shape the future of our businesses, governments, hospitals and other institutions. If you aspire to be one I recommend to read. #Aspirational and remarkably #pragmatic at the same time. Whatever your role is in the organization you can be that positive ripple in the world around you!!” 

    Sander van’t Noordende
    Global Business Leader

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